Interview: Ben Myres of Nyamakop

Interview: Ben Myres of Nyamakop

We first saw Semblance at PAX East 2017 in the Indie Minibooth, a quirky platformer being by made by two developers from South Africa. It immediately cemented itself as one of our favorite puzzle platformers games not just of the con, but potentially recent indie game history.

We had the opportunity to talk with Ben Myres, one half of Indie studio Nyamakop, just before PAX East. We talk about the inception of Semblance, the challenge of building puzzle with multiple avenues for success and the how he approaches playtesting. We also discuss his history as an indie developer and the games that inspired him.



Our thanks to Ben for sticking with us and doing this interview: the amount of last minute conflicts and reschedules on this would astound you!

Semblance is coming out this year on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch.

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