Induction Arrives on February 7th

Induction Arrives on February 7th

Announced early today, Bryan Gale‘s Induction, a game we were intrigued, confused, and brain-twisted by at PAXEast 2015, will be releasing on  Steam, Humble, and on February 7th.  The announcement was accompanied by a snazzy new trailer featuring the wonderful music of Tim Shiel:


Induction is an abstract puzzle game about time travel and paradoxes. As you master its logic, Induction aims to rewire how you think about cause and effect…You are given the ability to jump through time, and must use this to solve puzzles by co-operating with your past selves. As you progress, you must choreograph your actions across multiple timelines, and explore the counter-intuitive possibilities your increasing powers permit. You will learn to construct seemingly impossible solutions, such as paradoxical time loops, where the future depends on the past and the past depends on the future.

As we stated in our original spotlight on the game, Induction is hard, but its bright colors, minimalist design and joyful soundtrack are such a charming combination you’ll sometimes forget just how much your brain is hurting trying to figure out the time-bending puzzles.

“My goal with Induction has been to take everything I love about movies about time travel, but also fix everything about them I hate. I wanted to distill down all the cool, weird, stuff you see, into this very pure and focused experience. But I also wanted to avoid fudging the rules of time travel at all, and instead adhere strictly to a core set of principles for how time travel works” Bryan Gale, Developer of Induction

Come back to IndieHangover in the future to read our review of Induction, and (potentially) see an Indie Dev Interview with Bryan Gale.

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