Indie Spotlight: #YoloSwag by Aran Koning

Indie Spotlight: #YoloSwag by Aran Koning
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There has been a lot of talk about combining games with social media, but few have been as successful as #YoloSwag by Aran Koning. This unique shootemup-style game has blended the Twitter experience with addictive gameplay at its purest.

Think of an angry asteroids game, where the asteroids are generated by tweets that have been made under the hashtag of your choice and follow you around until you’re screenshot1dead.  Your job is to shoot the incoming tweets and rack up the score.

The length of the tweet, the times the hashtag is used and the mentions in the tweet determine the type of enemy. When a tweet catches you, it is displayed on the screen and many times these tweets are as painful to read as you might expect from a random tweet.

The ability to read random and personal tweets gives the game a voyeurism feel, which makes it a bit addictive. There is no doubt many, if not most, of the tweets will make you cringe. A lot of the tweets that were killing me were nothing but gibberish, but some were oddly personal like “#loser yesss but can I join” and “#Game time because of #depression and #stress”.

#YoloSwag doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to deep game play, but the combination of the two medias is where the game works. The ability to reach into the Twitter-verse and pull out a playable game that gives the player a brief connection to a random Twitter user makes it an odd success.

Check out #YoloSwag at its site.

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  1. Maker of #YOLOSWAG here! This is a very well written article, thank you!

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