Indie Revolution Expo 2017 Registration Open

Indie Revolution Expo 2017 Registration Open

Our friends at Indie Game Riot have just opened registration for this year’s Indie Revolution Expo.

For those who aren’t aware, the Indie Revolution Expo is a free, all-digital convention focused solely on indie games and indie game developers. It takes place over the weekend of July 14th to 16th, and is focused on “[sharing] the spirit of creativity and support that the indie game community is so well known for”.

Last year was the first year we were aware of the expo, and it was a fantastic mix of game spotlights, hilarious banter and incredibly interesting talks from developers on all things from marketing techniques, to coding tips, to RPG Quest Design.

And, the whole thing is available on YouTube! We’d encourage you to check out the playlist and watch a few talks



If you’re an Indie Developer, they are looking for games to showcase during the expo. You can find the registration form here.

If you’re a developer, involved in the industry, or simply have an interesting topic to share, they also have registration open to run your own panel.

Registration closes on June 16th.

Additionally, IRXJam17, the game jam coinciding with the Indie Revolution Expo, will also be taking place again this year.

IRXJam17is a 48 hour jam starting 12:00PM EST on May 13th and end 11:59PM EST May 14th. We have already picked a theme, but we won’t be announcing it until the jam begins to keep it fair. You can currently join the jam here.


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