Hunt ‘n Sneak Arrives Nov. 7

Hunt ‘n Sneak Arrives Nov. 7

If you’re looking for a fresh take on the classic hide-and-seek formula, you may want to put Hunt ‘n Sneak on your radar. Being developed by Pixel Engineers, this game weaves hiding, seeking and light mechanics into what looks like a tense and charming multiplayer game of cat and mouse:


Hunt ‘n Sneak is a manic couch multiplayer game. Players take on the roles of either the fearsome Gobbler as it tries to devour the Pixies and take over their world; or as the mischievous Pixies, who use pings of light to navigate their surroundings and escape the Gobblers. Pursue, evade and outwit your opposition to win.

There have been a few games using light, or perhaps more accurately visibility, as a mechanic recently, and I think it’s a fantastic element of strategy and risk-reward in games. At Sundown is also making use of it, but it’s role as a friend/foe is certainly amplified in Hunt ‘n Sneak, where you have very little means of defense from the vicious Gobblers hunting you.

I am very excited to have players experience Hunt ‘n Sneak when it launches on Steam. It’s always joyful to see people playing the game – and knowing that people are enjoying it definitely makes all the time we have spent working on it worthwhile. – James Koehne, founder of Pixel Engineers

Hunt ‘n Sneak will be released for PC via Steam on Wednesday, November 7th for $19.99 USD.

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