Humble Bundle 8 is Awesome

Humble Bundle 8 is Awesome
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The Humble Bundle almost never disappoints, but this time? This time they have outdone themselves. When an opportunity like this comes along, you’re a fool not to jump at it (that or you’ve already bought all these fantastic games!).

Humble Indie Bundle 8 features seven incredible indie games that will keep you enthralled for hours on end. Pay what you want and get the immersive first-person narrative adventure Dear Esther; the extraterrestrial action platformer Capsized; the colorful and cartoonish multiplayer action platformer Awesomenauts; the endearing minimalist puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone; and the witty and charming sandbox puzzler Little Inferno. If you pay over the average, you’ll also receive the gory fast-paced top-down action game Hotline Miami and the audio-visual exploration and discovery game Proteus.

At the time of writing, the average price is now hovering at $5.70. Yep: $5.70 for seven spectacular games. Win. 


Excuse me as I go burn things in Little Inferno….

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