HEVN Arrives September 7th

HEVN Arrives September 7th

HEVN is a sci-fi immersive sim being developed Miga Collabs that’s been garnering a fair bit of attention, being compared to the likes of System Shock 2 in how it creates atmosphere and horror.

You won’t have to wait much longer to finally experience this for yourselves: HEVN will launch via Steam on Friday 7th September.


HEVN is a dark science-fiction immersive sim, which has been likened by the press to System Shock 2. Set across an open and highly interactive planetoid world, it fuses slow-burning storytelling with bursts of panicky action, and environmental puzzles with multiple solutions.

This release date is later than was originally expected, but for a good reason: HEVN was originally set to be released way back in 2017. However, when Miga received incredible overwhelming response to their beta demo, they decided to take a extra year to polish, refine and perfect the game based on the player feedback they received.

That’s a risky move, adding on a whole year of production time and delaying the release date, but it’s clearly been done for the right reasons, and we applaud Miga Collabs on wanting to deliver a quality game!

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