Helion Strike on Steam Greenlight

Helion Strike on Steam Greenlight

With all the press surrounding No Man’s Sky, and the Gamescon demo of Star Citizen, you might think those are the only games on the horizon to put you in the cockpit of a space fighter. You’d be wrong.

Helion Strike, being created by Indie Developer Edd Gorman, is an arena space shooter which recently entered Steam Greenlight, and has a few feature that we think sets it apart.



Helion Strike is similar to other arena based shooter in some ways: enemies will attack in wave, you fight them to survive as well as defend your base ship.

However, there’s also a number of elements which seem like unique twits on the genre. First, while in battle, you’ll need to mine nearby asteroids for ship upgrades, and side objectives will show up that must be completed to unlock new weapons.

And, while it’s a relatively little thing, the in cockpit animation of the pilot’s hands and arms really captured my attention. You can clearly switch between first and third person views in game, but the first person view of seeing the pilots hands react to your input is so cool that I can’t imagine playing in third person.

As stated above, Helion Strike is currently on Steam Greenlight, so if it peaks your interest, consider giving it a “yes” vote. We’ll be interested to watch the game’s development.

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