Hand of Fate 2 Releases Nov. 7

Hand of Fate 2 Releases Nov. 7

Today, Defiant Development announced that Hand of Fate 2 will be coming out on Nov. 7, 2017.

Hand of Fate 2 will be available for the  PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and will be releasing simultaneously with the Xbox One X.

We also got a snazzy new trailer which gave us a brief peaks at a new companion: Ariadne of Stiegal.

Companions are one of a plethora of new additions to Hand of Fate 2, which seems like it’ll be doing of a fantastic job of building on the solid foundations of the original game.  Companions provide you with both a combat bonus and an out of combat bonus. Ariadne acts as a melee tank while she’s fighting beside you, and outside of combat, she’ll give you access to a few luck-boosting abilities which are sure to be helpful.

Want to learn more about what Hand of Fate 2 has to offer? Check out our PAX Spotlight of the game here.

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