Guns of Icarus Online from the Floor of PAX East

Guns of Icarus Online from the Floor of PAX East
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On the floor this morning at Pax East, I got a chance to talk with Howard Tsao, part of the development team at Muse Games, who are the brains behind Guns of Icarus Online. The game is a Airship Combat simulator, and as you might guess, heavy on the Steampunk. The game plays beautifully, pitting crews of Engineers, Gunners and PIlots against other crews in a variety of different airships. For those interested in a Co-op adventure mode, the steam-powered design philosophy of the game and more, check our our on the floor interview with Mr. Tsao below!


Q: “ Tell me a little bit about what you are offering with Guns of Icarus Online?

A: Yeah, So, Guns Online is the best Airship-to-Airship combat game you will ever play, at least we hope…(Guy playing on screen crashes his Airship into an Enemy Airship, erupting into a ball of flames ) Oh! Ramming Speed! This guy is playing as a gunner, which is one of the three classes that you can choose.

Q: “Okay, so tell us a little bit about these classes!

A: You’ve got the Gunner, Engineer, and Pilot, But our main philosophy is that no matter what role you choose to play as, you are not barred from doing anything else. As a Gunner, I could go and repair, I can even pilot the ship,if you know, our pilot is passed out drunk on the other end.But, Gunners have a special type of ammunition, yet if you only get one Engineer, you could do the job pretty well. With the other classes you’ll get a specific specialization. 

Q: What are the maps and environments in the game like?

A: Our smallest map size is 2 ships versus 2 ships, and each ship has 4 people, so thus it is 8v8. Then, you can go up to 4 ships versus 4 ships, so that is 32 players. Team Deathmathc is the most basic type of battle, but we also have Capture Points…Resource race, which is kind of like WoW Arathi Basin. We are working on more maps. Northern Fjords (the map being played while I was interview Mr. Tsao) is our kind of icy, glacial map. There’s a desert type map. We’ve got uh, actually, we are working on a really cool map right now which is a ruined city map. So, we’re going to have a lot of different biomes and places to check out!

Aside: While this is all competitive PvP, we’ve actually launched a kickstarter today, with which we want to change the project. We’re looking to develop what we are calling “Adventure Mode” and that is where there will be a persistent open world. While all your interaction will still be Airship Combat, every choice you make will be effecting the world based on what kind of missions you are doing. There will be Trading Missions, Escorting a VIP, Defending a Ship. Any time you take one of these missions, you’ll be getting points with one faction, and loosing them with another. 

Q: So this will be more like a Co-op Mode?

A: Exaclty. This is part of the Kickstarter. As we get more funding this is what we are really hoping to do. 

Q: Do you have a plan to do progression of some kind, like starting out with a small ship and slowly getting bigger?

A: Yeah, I mean,We definately want to intergrate a player progression system. We were think that maybe you’d have to get your Pilot’s License or something like that, and have to pay for the upkeep of that. There are a lot of different ideas floating around right now, but I mean, a lot of people are asking, “Why Ariships? Why not go further..”

(My Answer): Why Not? More Steampunk is Better!

A cont.: I know! But a lot of people seem to be asking why this world is so desolate. If you imagine World War 1 never really ended, and we just kept attacking each other, THAT’S the kind of  world we are living in [in Guns of Icarus Online]. So at this point, we just want to show more of that world!

RaidWarning would like to thank Howard Tsao and the Team at Guns of Icarus Online for taking the time to talk about their creation. You can now download the game of Steam today, and find more information on their Kickstarter campaign here.



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