GUNS OF ICARUS: 1.2 Update Bring New Map and New Tutorial

GUNS OF ICARUS: 1.2 Update Bring New Map and New Tutorial
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 Yesterday, a new patch came to the high-flying world of Guns of Icarus Online, bring with is a brand new map, a  much needed bit of direction for new players, as well as a few important changes to matchmaking and advancement:

Guns of Icaurs Online is pleased to announce yet another major free content update to its post apocalyptic airship combat game. This update includes a new 2v2 King of the Hill map set in the burned out shell of a once great metropolis, scripted tutorials for new players, a new commendation system to award players for their sportsmanship, skill, and tutoring, and a bunch of new costumes. Additionally Guns continues to push for its first milestone stretch goal on Kickstarter with 20 days remaining….

  •  The Labyrinth: A 2 vs 2 King of the Hill match set in the forgotten ruins of a dark metropolis. See the map teaser video at
  • Scripted Tutorials: A major improvement for new fans will be actual in game tutorials for each class, including expanded text and the ability to create stationary and moving targets for target practice.
  •  New Achievements and Commendations: To further promote new player learning each match now allows players to award commendations to people they feel were especially excellent during the match. These commendations can trigger new achievements and rewards! Additionally the level cap is now 11.
  •  Beginner Only Matches: Lastly for new players will be a beginner only tier of play, which can be entered only by players at level 1 or by community staff who have been approved for teaching their beloved newbies.
  •   New Costumes: Because you can never have too many hats.
  •  New Effects: More particle effects for weapons, new flare gun model, gun handles, and maybe a bird or two.


I’m happy to see Muse Games adding a Beginner only match; it can be very frustrating to get stomped on by a crew of level 10 veterans while you are still learning how the basic mechanics of Guns of Icarus Online work, so this will no doubt ease a few new players into the skies. It must be said however, that the only reason i learned some of my favorite tricks I did is because i fought against opponents that out-matched me: Food for thought.

Its also incredibly wonderful to now be able to award commendations to an MVP, or a particularly good captain at the end of a match. Though I can see the potential for abuse barreling towards me through the clouds, I’d rather be given a way to reward the good players than worry about those who will cheat the system. 
To find out more about the in-development Adventure Mode, head to the Guns of Icarus Online Kickstarter page.



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