Grimm & Tonic Out Today

Grimm & Tonic Out Today

Grimm & Tonic, a Noir, Urban Fantasy Visual Novel, is out today for all your Spooktober visual novel needs!

The game is being made by Spritewrench, a Jamaican independent game studio run by Glen Henry, and is now available on, Steam Early Access and Green Man Gaming.


You wake up one evening to find Death drinking tea while sitting on your sofa. Broke, friendless and apparently soul-less, He offers you a temporary job at the premiere, local, shady hole-in-the-wall, DEAD-END. Maintaining a healthy Work-Life balance is pretty tricky on a good day but it’s damn near impossible when your boss threatens foreclosure on your mortal existence. As the new bartender at DEAD-END, you’ll make new friends, mix weird drinks, all while navigating Life, Death and everything in between.

A lot of what Grimm & Tonic seems to be exploring is the “trials and ennui that comes with being an adult”. While there’s a part of me that sort of dreads exploring the slow march to routine and monotony, the ways in which people handle their professional lives, and how it effects how we define ourselves. But, I can’t deny that it’s a subject ripe for exploration and it’s goal to explore concepts such as ‘Wishing vs. Desire vs. Action’ and peoples coping mechanisms in the everyday, all set against a fantasy backdrop is compelling to say the least.

“The story seeks to recast mundane everyday problems in a different light offering new perspectives and insight.”

As mentioned above, Grimm & Tonic is now available on, Steam Early Access and Green Man Gaming .

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