Goat Simulator Holds Contest For Keys, Goats

Goat Simulator Holds Contest For Keys, Goats

So, you may have heard about Goat Simulator, a fun little side-project-turned-big-deal from Coffee Stain Studios. In this game, you are the goat. You’ll frolic. You’ll jump. You’ll do goat things. it’s pretty damn hilarious how quickly this concept has taken off, and now there is a contest to spread to goat-madness even more!

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The Goat Simulator Contest, which can be found on Facebook here, if pretty simple;

Step 1: Dress up as goat.

Step 2: Photograph yourself in public as said goat. Send this photo to Coffee Stain via Twitter or Facebook

Step 3: Receive 10 Steam keys for Goat Simulator.

Yes, this is a pure profit opportunity; do the steps and you get the keys.

So….get your goat on?

This is why I love the Indie Game Industry…

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