GO WATCH: The Breakdown of a Heist

GO WATCH: The Breakdown of a Heist
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The Original PAYDAY: The Heist is a pretty fun game, but it has its flaws. You and 3 other friends team up, case a heist, and pull it off. You’ve got a good level of freedom to be a violent, or as sneaky as you’d like, but at a certain point (a.k.a. when the cops show up), the game becomes a 4 player co-op shooter in which large amounts of cash are obtained illegally.  Good fun, but it hinted at so much more.

What it was hinting at was PAYDAY2, which comes out  August 13. Unlike the original game, there’s more of an ability to pull thing off the way you want: Don’t want to kill anyone? You can do it! (Though, it is going to be damn difficult!) Want to lock pick and sneak your way into the bank? Go for it as you play a Ghost. This game really is looking like it could be the next big 4 player co-op game a la Left 4 Dead 1/2.

An 8 minute trailer from the Developers of PAYDAY2,  Overkill , shows of the basic process of a bank robbery in the game. Robberies will be semi-randomized in the game: The location will be the same, but the safe, people, and time locations are likely to change each time you attempt a heist.


I, for one, cannot wait for this game.

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