Go Watch: Small and Personal and Tranquil

Go Watch: Small and Personal and Tranquil

It’s just over a week since PAX East 2018 drew to a close. It was a phenomenal convention, the perfect opportunity to meet old and new friends, network, and discover a host of new indie games and indie developers to follow and write about. However, it could hardly be called a tranquil or personal experience. The sheer volume of people is overwhelming and the entire weekend of scheduled meetings and demos and subsisting on energy bars could easily be likened to an ordeal, and this is just from a journalist’s perspective: we don’t have to worry about setting up, tearing down, manning a booth or getting a return on investment.

Let’s examine an event aiming in the opposite direction.

Small and Personal and Tranquil is a short documentary filmed during the 2017 Creative Coast Festival, written, directed and edited by Bram Ruiter and produced by Johan Toresson, and examines a festival in Sweden that’s doing things a little bit differently:


The Creative Coast Festival was started by Johan Toresson back in 2015, to make Karlshamn, a small village, north-east of Malmö, and looks out over the Baltic Sea, a little bit less remote. This was accomplaished by flying in a cornucopia of game developers and industry insiders with the goal not of reaching a huge audience, but of giving the students attending the university, a branch of the Blekinge Institute of Technology which focuses on digital media,  as well as developers a way to get in touch with the rest of the industry.

“Instead of showing a bunch of nice images to translate the feel of the festival, I was more interested in not showing the festival at all, and just talk to the people attending. I didn’t want to make another after movie. I wanted to capture the essence of Creative Coast, which to me is Karlshamn. I think the location of an event says a lot about the event itself. And I wanted to relay why I love being there every year by asking the attendees why they loved visiting Creative Coast. It turned out, we all were here for the same reason: tranquility” – Bram Ruiter, writer and driector of the documentary.

Creative Coast Festival 2018 will take place on the 18th and 19th of May, in Karlshamn,with the same goal of connecting a small place in a remote corner of Sweden, with the the game development communities around the world. Check out the website for more information on speakers and events.



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