Glass Knuckle Announces Heliophobia

Glass Knuckle Announces Heliophobia

Glass Knuckle Games got spooky.

Announced today, Glass Knuckle Games new title, Heliophobia is rather dramatic shift in tone from the companies previous titles.

I’ve been following Glass Knuckle Games since I first met them at the 2014 Boston FIG. I have a continuing love for Noir Syndrome, Theif Town remains a party staple and Defragmented was a superb cyberpunk adventure, with an absolutely phenomenal soundtrack. All these game however, were bright and colorful. Noir Syndrome had a subdued pallet, but was full of color, Thief Town was full on cartoony glory, and Defragmented went the way of so much neon, but color and light has always been a staple. Until now. Until Glass Knuckle told us to Fear the Light.

Heliophobia looks scary, cryptic, and Lynchian, and I am very, VERY intrigued.


Heliophobia is a narrative first-person horror/mystery, set in a vast nocturnal city. Within Heliophobia’s non-linear story, everyone’s experience in solving the underlying mystery will be unique. The sequence of events in each game is procedurally generated, providing a unique experience for each player. Completed levels can be replayed at any time in chronological order, uncovering new layers to the deep narrative. Heliophobia’s narrative can be likened to watching a film, such as Memento, or Mulholland Drive. While coherent upon first completion, the story begs to be experienced more then once, for even deeper understanding.

The game is currently in early Alpha, so we’ve got some time to weight, but the premise is solid, and likening the narrative to Memento and Mulholland Drive is an easy way to get my attention.




I think there’s also a little bit of Augmented Reality play going on here as well. On the Heliophobia site, there are 4 links to images under a “Classified” Heading. 001 leads to a revolving green Gemini symbol, 002 doesn’t work, and, 003 and 004 all lead to distressed and hard to make out images.




004 is the interesting one though, and it leads to an image of a letter, which reads:

I’m so close.

They will come for me. I will disappear like all the rest.

I’m so close

R. Allen.



What it all means, I have no idea, but I’m excited, curious and more than a little bit afeared.

We’ll talk more about Heliophobe in tonight’s Stream on the InideHangover Twitch channel, so come join us if you’re interested.

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