GDC Spotlight: Obey Me

GDC Spotlight: Obey Me

At GDC 2019, we got the chance to check out Obey Me, a co-op “holypunk” brawler from publisher Blowfish Studios and developer Error 404 Game Studios.  Although there’s still plenty of information we still don’t know, the information that was given to us and is currently available is what interested us in this co-op Diablo inspired experience. A summary of the story has been provided by the publisher:

“Unbeknownst to humans, angels and demons wage an invisible war, and mankind’s very souls hang in the balance. A former human-turned-lesser-demon named Vanessa Held works for one of these demons: Ammon, the Archduke of Avarice. She’ll fight alongside her Hellhound companion, Monty, against violent denizens from above and below on an unholy quest where she’ll unravel a conspiracy surrounding her.”

In the single player mode, players will control Vanessa as she uses her weapons, skills, and teleportation to defeat enemies and get past obstacles, while Monty’s feral attacks, magical skills, and elemental transformations will be primarily controlled by AI besides a few key actions. Cooperatively play will instead give the second player complete control of Monty. As players make their way through their hellish journey, Vanessa will be able to absorb the souls of her enemies, allowing her to upgrade her weapons and learn more powerful combos, while also being able to upgrade Monty’s various transformations. Additionally, Vanessa and Monty will be able to combine their powers through a Fusion Mode which allows them to perform a powerful Soul Overload attack once their fusion bar is full.

While I knew absolutely nothing about Obey Me when first hearing about it, its Diablo-esque environment and gameplay intrigued me and I think it will be a treat for fans of games created in a similar vein. although I was only able to get a brief glimpse of the gameplay and not able to see that much of what Obey Me has to offer, I was also told that a five issue comic book tie-in published by Dynamite Comics and featuring art by  Ben Herrera (Spider-Man, X-Men) is in the works. I’m hoping the game and tie-in comics are able to intertwine well, because if they can pull that off then Obey Me is sure to be a special experience.

Watch the trailer below.

Obey Me is expected to launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Q3 2019.

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