GDC 2019 Spotlight: Supermarket Shriek

GDC 2019 Spotlight: Supermarket Shriek

At GDC 2019, we got the chance to see Billy Goat Entertainment’s chaotic Japanese game show inspired kart racer Supermarket Shriek, a game where a man and a goat stuck in a shopping cart have to work together to avoid obstacles and meet other requirements in order to finish a variety of  levels……. all by screaming at the right time.

In single player mode, pushing down both triggers at the same time will make players move forward, while only pressing one trigger will make them turn either left or right, respectively. At first, this is no simple task and it takes awhile to get a feel for it, but like other chaotic and ridiculous games, becomes easier over time. During my preview I was never really able to get the hang of it, but I feel that with enough practice I’ll be able to speed through levels in no time at all. Co-Op may prove to be much harder than single player however, with one player controlling the man and the other controlling the goat with either controllers or even microphones.

While all levels have time limits, they don’t always have the same objective. Some will just have you get past all the obstacles and to the finish line, while others will have you destroy stuff.  After completing a level, you’re given a rank ranging from one to three stars, and three star rankings allow you to activate a ghost you can race so you can try to beat your best time.The last level featured in each area of the street overworld will have you collecting items on a grocery list and once completed you’ll be able to got to the next set of levels.

Besides the other types of levels, there are also some levels that parody other games. The one I was shown was a parody of the time based shooter Superhot, which had similar time based mechanics and eventually Super and Market would flash on screen similar to the way Super and Hot do in the aforementioned game.

Other than the single player and co-op modes, there is also a multiplayer party mode which is unlocked by completing levels and gaining hearts. Players are usually set against each other for the most part, but may be partnered together depending on the level and will pair the best player with the worst player to help even the odds.

Overall, Supermarket Shriek is one of the silliest yet most amusing chaotic co-op kart racing games I’ve played. I can’t wait to see what kind of madness the full game has to offer.

Supermarket Shriek is expected to launch sometime soon for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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