GDC 2019 Spotlight: Scourgebringer

GDC 2019 Spotlight: Scourgebringer

At GDC 2019, we got the chance to try out Dear Villagers and two man team Flying Oak Games’ upcoming roguelite platformer, ScourgeBringer, a fast paced action title players of all skill levels can enjoy.

ScourgeBringer follows the adventures of Kyhra, who must slash, blast, dash, and smash her way through a procedurally generated  dungeon within an Eldritch monolith in order to uncover secrets hidden within including learning about her past and maybe even how humanity can gain redemption. I wasn’t told too much about the story when checking out the game, which is understandable when trying to avoid spoilers, but despite this it seems ScourgeBringer  focuses more on gameplay.

Equipped with both a sword and a gun to take on enemies, the way you can use Kyhra to quickly bounce around the room of the dungeon is appropriately smooth and insanely satisfying, eventually allowing you to be able to  plan your course of action a soon as you enter a room and take out all enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible. I was told that ScourgeBringer was developed with players of all skill levels in mind, allowing players to learn quickly and easily develop more advanced tactics over time.

While the art style is similar to plenty of other indie games with a similar pixelated look, the soundtrack is another feature which makes ScourgeBringer stand out. Featuring composer Jukio “Kozilek” Kallio (Nuclear Throne), the ongoing intensity fits the overall tone and is paired together well with the gameplay which both help make the player feel powerful.

ScourgeBringer is also said to feature dozens of giant bosses, tons of mysteries to uncover, and plenty of alternative routes. I was having so much fun during my preview that if I had been given more time, I likely would have been playing it for a few hours. If you’re a fan of fast paced action roguelites, then ScourgeBringer is definitely an upcoming title you should keep an eye on.

ScourgeBringer will be coming to PC and consoles some time in the near future.

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