Frozen Synapse 2 Reveals Trailer, Details

Frozen Synapse 2 Reveals Trailer, Details

Originally Announced in February, we finally have some more information about Mode 7’s new cyberpunk, open world tactics game Frozen Synapses 2. Courtesy of an extensive and exclusive PC Gamer article, we have not only a new trailer for the game that is choc full of style, but also a whole host of details on what we should expect when the game finally launches;



I’ve gone through the PC Gamer article and pulled out the major points for a sort of Frozen Synapse 2 Cliff Notes (all quotes come from Paul Kilduff-Taylor and Ian Hardingham ) :


Mode 7 will definitely release in Frozen Synapse 2016

Paul Kilduff-Taylor is composing the music again.

The City of Markov Geist and the Lore

All your interactions in Frozen Synapse is seen through a digital overlay on top of the future city of Markov Geist

Each singleplayer Frozen Synapse 2 campaign will generate its own map of Markov Geist to form a top-level, with a second layer made up of the buildings which is used for all tactical comabt.

“The entire city is comprised of living, functional buildings and your squads can go anywhere at any time on missions that you define yourself.”

“There’s a mysterious external force making incursions into Markov Geist to uncover valuable long-lost artifacts, and the city’s cults and gangs are competing for them as well…As for the player, they’ll be in charge of a small group who have been sent into the city to deal with the situation however they prefer.”

You’ll have the option to either side which of the many factions in the city and work towards a specific endgame goal, or you can say ‘screw that’ and just start sowing mayhem.


The campaign’s procedurally generated city will not be implemented in the multiplayer mode.

In multiplayer there will be seven or eight units, as opposed to the original six, which are getting extensive design work. Lots of options.


A Major New Feature is Stealth. This will have applications in both single player and multiplayer, though it seems to be a multiplayer focus.

One example of this new stealth gameplay is a unit with “a smoke grenade launcher, which is really nice because it allows you to create a dynamic bit of terrain, in some ways a short-term bit of terrain, so I hope that gives the idea of the kind of thing that we’re talking about.

A new feature is a thing called Advanced Tactics. You’ll be able to use this to give units “If X, then Y” orders.

The distraction ploy which plagued the original Frozen Synapse is going away;  “We’re getting rid of that.”

Of course, we are sure to learn more and more as things get closer to Early Access and Launch, so don’t consider this an exhaustive list in any way.

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