Four 11 bit studios Titles Coming to Nintendo Switch

Four 11 bit studios Titles Coming to Nintendo Switch

During the Indie Highlights video released by Nintendo for Gamescom 2018, 11 bit Studios announced release windows for four of their games coming to Nintendo Switch in the near future.

The four titles are the following:

Moonlighter: The Legend of Zelda inspired action RPG by Digital Sun games features a unique twist where you play as a merchant gathering items to sell at his shop by exploring procedurally generated dungeons and defeating the creatures found within. Moonlighter will be making its way on to Nintendo Switch some time in Fall 2018. Check out our spotlight to learn more about the game.

This War of Mine:  a survival game where you play as a group of civilians trying to make it through a city under attack. The Nintendo Switch edition will feature every previously released expansion as DLC as well as access to all future content. This War of Mine will launch on Nintendo Switch in November 2018.

Children of Morta: A  rogue lite adventure where you play as one of six characters from a family of heroes protecting a magical mountain from an invasion of monsters. Children of Morta will feature both single player and co-op gameplay and launches on Nintendo Switch in Early 2019.

Beat Cop: An 80’s cop show inspired adventure where you play as a cop framed for murder and have to seek out the one who framed you. Beat Cop launches on Nintendo Switch in Fall 2018.

Stayed tuned for more information on the release of these titles in the near future.

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