Evergarden to Release August 16

Evergarden to Release August 16

I’m a sucker for puzzle games, particularly when they’ve got some sort of message or narrative behind them, be it a tale of time travel or an exploration of long-distance relationships.

Evergarden falls nicely into this genre of puzzle games, and will be releasing on August 16th


Evergarden is an original evergreen puzzle merged with a 3D adventure game. We poured our hearts into making it a uniquely accessible experience that teaches players the basics, but then leaves them to discover hidden rules and strategies. These deeper systems can only be discovered after hours of gameplay and will probably require a community of players to truly master. As players progress they discover a story that was inspired by Forest and Aaron’s loss of their mother during development. The game is a tribute to her love of things that bloom and grow – and an escape to a peaceful place where things make sense and time seems to stand still.

I’m very intrigued by Evergarden’s aim to be accessible but also to lead into a very deep level of skill and complex systems.The fact that the developers have hidden many of the game’s rules, and that they can only be discovered though gameplay, is a fascinating design decision I happen to love, and I cannot wait to start trying to figure them out.

You can preorder Evergarden on the App Store now, as well as wishlist it on Steam.

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