Epic Loon: Coming Q1 2018

Epic Loon: Coming Q1 2018

Sometime, you find a press release sitting in your inbox that, somehow, sets itself apart from all the rest. Maybe it’s full of dry wit, or includes a rap made by the developer. And sometimes, it’s just a really good idea.

I think that Epic Loon could be one of those really good ideas.

Epic Loon is a quirk filled, 4-player platformer coming in the first quarter of 2018 that seems to be reviling in the nostalgia of classic sci-fi horror B-Movies, one part homage and one part parody.




[Players are] cast as aliens hellbent on revenge for being awakened in the seemingly otherworldly VHS-cleaning tape they called home by “Joe”, the couch potato who has dared to disturb them from their slumber. Vampires, dinosaurs, aliens and more await players at every turn as they take over Joe’s famously large collection of movies.

While details are still sparse, we do know that there will be a single player and co-op story mode, as well as what is being called a “Battle Mode”, which is being advertised as a “race-style version of the game”.

Epic Loon is being brought to life thanks to a three way partenrship between Ukuza, Macrales Studio,  and Shibuya Productions (of Shenmue 3 and Astro Boy fame), so there is some excellent support behind this project.

Epic Loon is currently scheduled for a Q1 2018 release, and it will come to PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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