Endless Legend Talks Factions

Endless Legend Talks Factions

Jeff Spock, Narrative Director at Amplitude Studios, returned again today, bring with him a second focus video, this time providing an overview of the 8 factions in Endless Legend. Not only did this give us nice bits of lore and serve as a great introduction to the game, but it also gave us our first official hints and teaser of The Cultists of the Eternal End.

TL:DW Version? Okay, if you insist… –

Vaulters – High Technology and Good Defense

Wild Walkers – Good Ranged Units and Fast Building. Expansionist.

Broken Lords – Do not use Food. Asymmetrical.  More dependent on Dust.

Necrophages – Cannot Use Diplomacy. Gain Population through Warfare.

Roving Clans – Commerce based. Can exert some control over the Marketplace (the shared ‘auction house’ and ‘mercenary hiring house’)

Ardent Mages – No gameplay hints, but Jeff Spock did mention there is a lore connection between the Ardent Mages and Virtual Endless. “Not an accidental occurence.”

The Drakken – Diplomatic Power. Can force treaties on other Factions.

The Cultists of the Eternal End – Community Made Faction. Only has one city. Extend power through minor factions.


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