Endless Legend Launches September 18

Endless Legend Launches September 18


It was a big day of news for Amplitude yesterday: The studio announced that their new 4X title, Endless Legend (which I have pretty much been drooling over since I found it at PAX East 2014), would be officially launching on September 18th. The game is already in Early Access, but it will be exciting to have the full things in our hands.

If that wasn’t enough, the studio have also made the game’s original soundtrack available for free online. It is well worth a download, and is wonderfully atmospheric. Even if I never played much of Endless Space, the soundtrack is one of a set I keep on had for my own work music. I’ve got no doubt the Endless Legend OST will find a similar spot.

 and if that were not enough Amplitude has release two new Lore Focus Videos on the history and background of the Vaulters and The Wild Walkers!

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