Elsinore Release Date Announced

Elsinore Release Date Announced

A bit of personal trivia: I  am a pretty big Shakespeare buff. I helped found my high school’s Shakespeare Club, acted in a number of productions in both high school and university and have an enduring love of the Kenneth Branaugh Shakespeare movies.

So, it should not be a huge surprise that when I first heard about Elsinore, an indie game being developed by Golden Glitch Studios that combines the tale of Hamlet, told from a different perspective, and time-loops, I was more than merely interested.

Luckily, we don’t have to wait much longer to play this game, as Elsinore will be released on June 24th!


ELSINORE is a time-looping tragedy where you alter the story by changing what characters know. Time marches relentlessly on towards a bloody end. Can you sway your friends and family from their paths?

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