Echoes of Eridu AMA/Twitch Today at ~7pm EST

Echoes of Eridu AMA/Twitch Today at ~7pm EST

This evening Batterystaple Games will be hosting a Twitch Stream and AMA to kick off the final week of funding for their game currently in Kickstarter, Echoes of Eridu.

On Monday, May 5th, probably starting at 6PM EST 7PM EST (but don’t hold us to that because it’ll depend on when we can get ourselves promoted), we’re going to run a hybrid AMA/Twitch stream for Echoes so that the three of us (Chris, Zach, Bianca) can show you ourselves exactly where the game stands right now and answer any questions you guys have. We’ll confirm the exact time soon and send it out in another update. It’ll run for 3-4 hours.

The stream/AMA combo will kick off our final week on the campaign trail, and will hopefully get us the momentum we need to finish up strong and break our goal.

We will make links available here when they become available, and I’ll update this post with any juicy bits of information that can be gleaned from this look at the game from the development team themselves!

Link to the Reddit AMA:

Link to the Batterystaple Twitch page:

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