Eastshade Releases Feb. 13th

Eastshade Releases Feb. 13th

One of the most unique and intriguing open world game concepts I’ve ever encountered finally has a release date, and it’s just over a month away!

Eastshade will be releasing on PC on February 13th, with a console release following shortly after.


You are a traveling painter, exploring the island of Eastshade. Capture the world on canvas using your artist’s easel. Talk to the inhabitants to learn about their lives. Make friends and help those in need. Discover mysteries and uncover secrets about the land. Surmount natural impasses to reach forgotten places. Experience how your actions impact the world around you.

I was first introduced to the world of Eastshade through Leaving Lyndow, a short prologue/demo created by Danny Wienbaum and his team. You can read my full review of the experience here, but suffie to say I was entranced by the idea of a rich, lore-filled open world adventure where you’re not so much delving into forgotten tombs and fighting monster, but instead exploring the landscape and finding enchanting panoramas (something I ended up doing in Morrowwind and Skyrim anyway truth be told!)

Eastshade can be Wishlisted on Steam now, and if you’d like to learn a bit more about the developer and his vision for the game, please check out our past interview with Danny Weinbaum of Eastshade Studio:

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