Divide By Sheep Launching July 2nd

Divide By Sheep Launching July 2nd

One reason I will always love the indie game scene is how utterly bizarre it can be.

Sometimes, you need a team of 2 hammering out an idea in the wee hours of the morning fueled by caffeine to hit on brilliance. TinyBuilds has grown, and isn’t a team of two, but I’ll be damned if caffeine and too little sleep weren’t involved show how in the creation on Divide By Sheep. That or alcohol…

The game looks bonkers, and is coming to both your iOS devices and Steam on July 2nd.


From the twisted minds of tinyBuild Games and Bread Team, and winner of DevGAMM’s Best Mobile Game Award, Divide By Sheep appears to be a cute, bouncy, colorful puzzler. Then the wolves, lasers and krakens come out to play, and it all gets a bit dark.

Here’s the problem: The lifeboats are ready to carry the sheep to safety, but if you have one too many sheep to fit on the rafts, you might need to slice a couple of them in two and tape them back together afterwards. Not that Divide By Sheep is a dark comedy or anything.



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