Divergence Online Alpha 2 Launch

Divergence Online Alpha 2 Launch

In a bit of exciting New Year’s news, Ethan Casner released an update, announcing that Divergence, his sci-fi indie MMO, would be entering its second alpha:

It’s finally happened; After a year plus of back-breaking labor, successes and failures, Divergence: Online is finally entering Alpha 2! We completely rebuilt the game from the ground up in an entirely new engine to be more powerful, better-looking and most importantly, more of a long-term solution than our first alpha client.


Divergence is an incredible project and idea: it’s ambitious, its sticking to its principles and vision, and its a completely new, imaginative setting. In the Divergence dev blog, Casner expanded on the journey to get to this point;

What a long, crazy voyage it’s been.

In September 2013 with two small yet successful crowdsourcing campaigns under my belt, I remember thinking that surely 2014 to come was bound to be my best year yet.

What ended up happening was 12 months of backbreaking labor that, at the end of the day, didn’t result in a game that was superior to the damn prototype that I had in 2013.

How is this possible? I’d like to blame one single factor or individual, but the truth is there isn’t one. Rest assured, there was zero laziness. If you heard me say i was pulling 12 hour days, what i really meant was 15 and hoping my pancreas wouldn’t shrivel up before it got released. However there are many games that one person can make, and this just isn’t one of them. IF… I, or the community, were ok with settling for a game that needed to support only 100 people or less on a series of servers, or IF we were ok with drastically reducing the amount of customization, or perhaps going with tab-targeting instead of live combat, there would have been a game in 2014.

But the mandate the community gave me when they invested themselves in this project was there is to be no compromise. None. This is the pact that we agreed to at the beginning of this voyage, and if you’re angry it’s taken this long, then at least you’ll be pleased to know that no such “watering down” has taken place.

This is the real McCoy.


The Alpha Version of the game can be downloaded here. Anyone can get in, create a baseline character and look at the world, though only contributors can affect the world at this point.


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