DIVERGENCE in 2 to 5 Weeks?

DIVERGENCE in 2 to 5 Weeks?
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Yesterday, at the Divergence Forums, Ethan Casner presented Divergence followers an impossible question: More info, or More game? As the dev blog details  Divergence is a critical moment in its development, and can go one of two ways:

Divergence is at a fork in the road right now and we’d like to get your input on which road the community would prefer we followed.

We could tie together a version within just 2-3 weeks that shows off many of the more awesome features we intend to include in the finished game. This version however, as a placeholder, would require several of it’s features to be re-worked later down the line in creation of the finalized systems required for live and thus it would extend the amount of time we need to get a playable version in the hands of contributors.

Or we could say screw the placeholder systems and just barrel straight ahead towards the finalized systems, not stopping to create as much “presentation pieces” as previously intended. We’d be looking at most likely 3-5 weeks on this model but the interface and features you see there would be very close to “as is” at live and it would help get a playable version out there sooner.

Thanks for your input.
You are really, really, going to be surprised.
And if you aren’t surprised, you are a cynical prick.

This comes after Divergence Online finished its first fundraising campaign, raising a total of $24,259.00. While this is less than Casner was asking for, being so far along in the development process is a major boon for Divergence. Many of the worries that were voiced during this funding campaign could be easily removed by Casner releasing a more complete version of the game, alleviating worries about the core mechanics of Divergence.

For More information about Divergence, check out our Interview with the Creator, Ethan Casner.

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