Defragmented v2.0 Patch Notes

Defragmented v2.0 Patch Notes

Glass Knuckle Games have released the patch notes for the upcoming V2.0 update to Defragmented, scheduled to be going live on the afternoon of 11/15/16.

There’s a lot to digest here, but it all looks like a fantastic update to the game, adding extra challenge and longevity to Defragmented.


– Targeted Missions have been added to the game
– Targeted Missions can be taken after completing any chapter (from the Mission Select menu)
– Targeted Missions select a random mission from the given chapter and provide bonus Deal-EO Coins upon completion
– The Deal-EO Coin reward from Targeted Missions greatly increases in New Game+ mode
– Every mission in the game has received a bonus intro cutscene for it’s Targeted Mission


– New tiered difficulty system
– Painless mode is slightly easier
– Normal mode remains the same
– Hardwired mode is broken down in to 5 tiers of difficulty
– Each difficulty tier raises/lowers enemy level by 4
– Each difficulty tier affects numerous factors like rare item drops
– Each difficulty tier also modifies Deal-EO World item levels/prices


– New Ultimate (red) items
– Ultimate items are stronger than any other item class
– Ultimate items drop very rarely on the final two tiers of Hardwired mode
– Ultimate items drop slightly more often on the very last tier of Hardwired mode
– Ultimate items are available in the fully upgraded Deal-EO World on the final two tiers of Hardwired mode
– Ultimate items are bought/sold using Deal-EO Coins, not credits


– Talents for all classes have been completely reworked
– The majority of talents have received very large improvements
– Talents now have a much larger impact on the game and how it can be customized


– Secondary (isometric) camera has been removed from the game
– The camera swap button now switches the top-down camera between free and locked rotation
– Locked rotation is the default camera as it has previously behaved (90 degree turns)
– Free camera can be rotated smoothly when holding the camera buttons
– The last used camera state will be preserved in save data


– Enemies now have miniature health bars with exact numbers over their heads at all times
– Enemies now notice bullets flying past them
– Enemies now notice corpses in their vicinity
– Tutorial enemies can now drop ammo and credits, but not items


– Floating text (and numbers) have been added to numerous interactions
– Damage numbers will now fly off of their respective targets
– Critical numbers will appear in differently colored text
– Dodge messages now follow similar floating text patterns
– Additional floating text has been added for things such as ammo, credits, and more


– Any credits earned past the cap are converted to EXP at a 100 credits to 1 EXP ratio
– Credits, ammo, and Deal-EO coins will automatically be looted when walked over (after a very short time)
– Credits, ammo, and Deal-EO coins can still be manually looted immediately


– Various UI improvements and polish
– New UI colors for a more cohesive look


– Active buff abilities now create particles for their duration
– Active damage abilities now create particles showing their area of effect


– Average gear level has been added to the main Terminal menu to track progress
– Better audio visualization in the backgrounds of levels
– Empty guns will now automatically reload (if possible)
– Various minor optimizations and performance improvements
– Minor lighting tweaks for most levels (probably unnoticeable)


– One-time achievements that were completed but not unlocked should now unlock when entering the Terminal
– Talent points can no longer exceed the cap (due to a very specific bug)

*NOTE: Improved enemy AI boosts the difficulty in some ways, but improved talents make up for it in others. Baseline difficulty should not be too largely different.

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