Defragmented 2.0 Announced

Defragmented 2.0 Announced

Today, Glass Knuckle Games announced Defragmented 2.0, a massive patch that will be coming to all Defragmented owners next week for the fantastic price of free:


V2.0 is a major update coming out for FREE to all Defragmented owners next Tuesday (11/15/16). The amount of content added is almost equal to every other update we’ve released in the past combined. We’ve completely revamped and improved upon the game from the ground up. Even if you’ve already beaten the game before, it should feel like a new experience all-around.

For a little taste of what’s new, here’s the section header names from the patch notes: Targeted Missions, Difficulty Tiers, Ultimate Items, Talents, Camera, Enemies, Floating Text, Other Loot, UI, Particles, Misc Changes, and Bug Fixes.

We’ll be eager to revisit the world of Defragmented next week, and cannot wait to see what changes have been made.

If you’re interested in Defragmented, check out our review of the game here.

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