Darkest Dungeon Reveals The Grave Robber

Darkest Dungeon Reveals The Grave Robber

As Darkest Dungeon nears the final 24 hours of it’s Kickstarter Campaign, they have revealed another hero that may be willing to join your adventuring party;

Nimble, versatile and self-sufficient, the Grave Robber sparkles with value like a gold ring on the finger of a fresh corpse!  She’s able to deftly evade incoming hits and make lethal use of her poisoned daggers at range or in close quarters.  The Grave Robber’s real speciality however, is navigating long-forgotten tunnels silently, disarming traps, seeking out hidden passageways and uncovering ancient caches of valuable treasure!

In addition to announcing another hero, the team at Red Hook, also decided to move a few of their stretch goals around for the final push:

Although our most distant stretch goals ($400k+) look to be impossible at this point, we have been putting our heads together around the Red Hook office and having intense discussions about how we can deliver the best game possible to all of you.  We’ve also listened a lot to your comments about the upcoming exciting stretch goals, especially concerning Cinematics (told in the style of our “Terror and Madness” and “House of Ruin” trailers) and Steam Workshop support (to allow mod creation!), for which there is a ton of support all around.

In talking and planning, we explored how both of those key stretch goals actually require different personnel and can be done in parallel.  We also talked a lot about how much we, ourselves, want them both in the game.  Given how well the campaign has done, we believe that if we hit that $350k Cinematics goal, we can find a way to do BOTH.

So, here are two Stretch Goal changes that we hope you’ll be as excited about as we are:

  • $285k mini-goal: The Ancestor’s Items – 6 rare and powerful trinkets dropped from the expedition of your Ancestor in which he uncovered the Darkest Dungeon, to his eventual demise. You can find these powerful and mysterious items while adventuring.

  • $350k MEGA-GOAL: Steam Workshop support has been reduced from $400k and has been added to the $350k Cinematics goal, creating a monstrous, lumbering MEGAGOAL- ZOMG! Why choose chocolate or peanut butter when you can have both?!

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