Darkest Dungeon Reddit AMA: Recap

Darkest Dungeon Reddit AMA: Recap


Two of the Design Team Members from Red Hook’s Kickstarter Success, Darkest Dungeon, will be holding a Reddit AMA today at 6pm Eastern, or 3pm Pacific. The AMA can be found at www.reddit.com/r/games. The two team members answering questions will be:

  • Chris Bourassa (Creative Director, Artist) – experienced concept artist and art director. Credits include Monster Lab, Max Steel (animated TV series), the doomed Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, Rifts, Hateful Chris, and more.  He has also illustrated for many pen-and-paper games and companies, including Privateer Press, Fantasy Flight Games, Games Workshop, and more.

  • Tyler Sigman (Game Designer, Executive Producer) – credits include HOARD, the boardgame Crows, Age of Empires: the Age of Kings (Nintendo DS), Night of the Ill-Tempered Squirrel, Sonic Rivals, and more. He has an MBA and a BS in Aeronautical Engineering (in case that’s relevant to Airborne Dungeon Crawling or games biz questions you want to ask.)


The AMA has ended, and here are some of my favorite questions and answers to come out of it!

Question from JustinOlson

In a situation where a hero’s resolve gets tested and they overcome that particular trial is it possible for them to get anti-afflictions, boosts that help them out because their mettle was put to the test and they passed?

‘Junia’s reslove is tested by the horror of seeing Guysname slain horribly. She conforts herself knowing he is free of this horror and she finds her faith strengthened by the thought. Junia’s strikes hit truer in his memory!”

Something like that where characters will get buffs knowing they survivedi, as apposed to being psychologically or emotionally crippled by the event?


You nailed it! Having your resolve tested and succeeding the check will activate your Heroic Moment. HM’s are personality-based and might look like ‘Stalwart: increased dmg reduction’ ‘Cheery: Heals all stress at next camp’, etc.

The point is to create a system that promotes real ‘diving-catch’ style heroism. When things look their worst, your heroes can still come through!

Question From Ibstr

is it going to be possible to go straight into the darkest dungeon and ‘clear’ it?


Yes (you can go right to it) and No (you’ll likely die horribly)! The Darkest Dungeon will be accessible from the beginning. Lore-wise, this is justifiable–everyone in the ruined Estate knows exactly where the entrance is…but nobody dares to go!

A big part of the game is veteran experience, which is represented in the game as a Resolve stat that heroes have. Going into a higher difficulty dungeon with low Resolve heroes means the stressful events will be even more stressful. So if you take a party of new recruits straight into the Darkest Dungeon, they simply won’t be equipped to handle the horrors they will face! But of course everyone needs to do it once, just to see what happens… :)

Question from JoshuaFLCL

Once the Kickstarter fundraising is over, how often are you going to post project updates? So far I’ve really enjoyed being kept up to date with all the developments as they happened and would love for this to continue. Thanks for doing this and I can’t wait to play!


Thanks the question! We’ve had so much fun interacting with our backers during the campaign that we want to preserve and grow that relationship. We’re anticipating settling into a monthly update schedule, as well as ongoing Twitch streams, more ‘Tyler Fights…’ vids, etc.

And a final, wonderfully timely question From ziggurat_

Hi! Which games series do you all love, and do you have any games pre-ordered right now that you are foaming at the mouth waiting for?


I think I’m going to finally go pre-order Dark Souls II right after this AMA. 24 hour turnaround! :)

Praise the Sun \o/ [Dark Souls II release tonight on consoles]


I’d like to thank Chris and Tyler from Red Hook for taking the time to host this AMA. We hope to see more in the future, and are eager to see how Darkest Dungeon develops! There were numerous other tidbits of information dropped in the AMA, so don’t hesitate to head back and take a look, and turn in tomorrow at the IndieMEGABOOTH Twitch Channel to watch some more art being made for Darkest Dungeon live!

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