Leave Your Sanity Behind As Darkest Dungeon Nears

Leave Your Sanity Behind As Darkest Dungeon Nears

It’s already been a rough season for some crowd funded games, but in a recent Kickstarter update, the Darkest Dungeon team lays out a roadmap for backer rewards, launch plans, and continued content. They’ve added great features (at no cost), built new playable heroes, new monsters, and established a healthy and active community… even if it is to console those who rage quit with one-liners from the game.

Quality has always been extremely important to us – especially now as we work through things like the final quests and bosses. In order to deliver the endgame content in a high quality manner consistent with our previous releases, we’ve moved some stretch goal features like town eventsand the Merchant class out to a post-launch (free) update. These features were stretch goals – unlocked by backers like you – and we want to be able to give them the attention, focus and love they deserve. We are absolutely committed to doing them.

Although we did not meet our Cutscene stretch goal, we felt it was important to pay off the game’s finale in fine style! We’re pleased to announce that upon defeating the final boss, you can look forward to an ending cutscene that furthers the game’s narrative and hopefully creates a few chills in your spine!

In a world where crowd funded games seem to miss the mark, Darkest Dungeon has not only prevailed, but the team has consistently pushed out regular updates with solid content… something that keeps backers and early access folks plenty happy.

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