Darkest Dungeon Ends Funding at 400%

Darkest Dungeon Ends Funding at 400%

Darkest Dungeon has ended its Kickstarter Campaign with a total of $313,337 raised. This vastly exceeds its original goal of $75,000.

Thanks to you – your pledges, your passion and your incredible support – Darkest Dungeon is over 400% funded and well on it’s way to being the game we’ve always dreamed it could be. Whether you pledged, emailed, tweeted or helped to spread the word in any way, we are grateful.

Speaking for myself (Chris) this has been the most incredible and rewarding experience of my career. This game started as a scribble in a sketchbook, a loose idea that somehow stuck around. To have worked so hard and be so validated by our peers, gamers, and friends is a truly special feeling.

Special thanks to the fans who have supported our efforts from the first moment we launched the ‘Terror & Madness’ trailer last October. The encouragement they gave reassured us that we were on the right path, and encouraged us to push ourselves further.

We’d also like to thank Sean Megaw and Fathom Interactive for their help and support. They’ve been wonderful, providing us with an exceptional office environment to work from, sound advice, and candid feedback.

We humbly take your support as both a validation of our direction & a mandate to create a great game. A game worthy of your pledges and excitement. A game that will make you agonize over your choices, think hard about your tactics, and reward you for a job well done.

The Red Hook team also revealed another hero, the Arbalest, a heavily armored, slow moving, crossbow toting lady adventurer. In addition, in the final funding push, color customization was unlocked at the $300,000 level.

Our hearty congratulations to the team at Red Hook on their Success! We look forward to seeing the next stage of Darkest Dungeon’s development.


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