Darkest Dungeon Early Access Launch Dates

Darkest Dungeon Early Access Launch Dates

 Darkest Dungeon is fast approaching it’s early access dates, and Red Hook Studios this week gave us some specifics on the dates, as well as letting us know about the “Week of Torment”!

The Red Hook team has been working incredibly hard, and Early Access is just around the corner:

  • Early Access Backers (Wanderer Tier+) will Get Steam Keys Friday Jan 30th
  • The public can purchase Early Access on Steam starting Feb. 3rd

In the next backer update, we will be providing full details on this Backer Weekend and what you can expect, including details on how your Steam key will be delivered (Humble Store). At this point we can only guarantee the PC version will be available right off the bat, but we are working hard to make Mac available at the same time and will confirm either way as we get closer.

Darkest Dungeon also announced The Week of Torment, a delightfully horrific sounding pre-launch event revolving on showing off the game via Twitch and culminating in a vote on which of the weeks adventures and videos were most entertaining;


WHEN: Friday Jan 30th to Friday Feb 6th 11:59 PM PST

WHAT: Darkest Dungeon is a game about stress, flawed heroes, tragic ends and unlikely triumphs. We’re inviting streamers and content creators to preview the game and show it to their subs. During the event days, Content Creators may submit entries for BEST VIDEO in two categories:

1) MOST EXCITING ADVENTURE: Did a party disintegrate into infighting, chaos, and death? Did a lone survivor make it out against the odds? Perhaps an unlikely hero saved the day when all was lost? Show us a good story. Triumph or tragedy, we’re cool either way.

2) VIEWER’S CHOICE: This will showcase a Streamer’s skills as a host – they can submit a Darkest Dungeon-related video that is informative, entertaining, or both!

THE BEST PART FOR BACKERS:  We’ll shortlist our favorites, but it will be YOU who chooses the winning videos in a backer poll of epic proportions!  That’s right, BACKERS will decide which Content Creators win prizes and live forever in our Hall of Fame!

Stay tuned for more information about Darkest Dungeon as the game gets closer and closer to launch!

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