Darkest Dungeon Early Access and PS4 Release

Darkest Dungeon Early Access and PS4 Release

Earlier this week, Red Hook Studios announced a date for the proposed Early Access release of their Lovecraftian Game Darkest Dungeon. The game is set to come out on Steam Early Access on February 3rd of 2015:

We are happy to announce that Early Access launch (Steam only!) is planned for Tuesday February 3rd, 2015! That’s less than two months away!

EVEN BETTER, we are planning on giving all Early Access backers access starting on the preceding weekend! (We are aiming to send keys out no later than Friday January 30th but will confirm exact time and day as we get closer.)

Early Access is just one step towards our final release which will come in mid to late 2015. Your other backer rewards (depending on your pledge level) such as personalized heroes, personalized items, art books, soundtracks, and so on will all come later.

You haven’t missed anything and we haven’t forgotten about those things! First step is getting the game in great shape, and then we’ll shift focus to get some of those things taken care of. We are excited about rolling out the personalized heroes and trinkets, especially!

We are incredibly excited about the Early Access program. Our strategy has always been to make sure that what we deliver as an Early Access game is super fun and doesn’t feel like a “half-made” game.  Although we will be adding tons of new features and content throughout Early Access, what we launch will still deliver many hours of gameplay.  As we get closer, we’ll confirm exactly what’s in the build.

Darkest Dungeon also had some other exciting news, along with a new trailer: The game will be coming to the Playstation Network, both on PS4 and the Vita.

As part of the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, Darkest Dungeon had some screen time during the keynote! We announced that the game is coming to PS4 and Vita in 2015! We’re excited to expand the reach to consoles and handheld gamers.

Will I Get a PlayStation Key as part of my pledge? We don’t have a firm answer for you yet. We are not free to distribute PlayStation keys in the same way that we can give out Steam keys, so this makes it somewhat unlikely. Also, at the time of the Kickstarter, there was no PlayStaiton version announced, so we priced and set up the tiers based only on PC/Mac/Linux.  But we have a few more conversations to have with the storefronts before we can answer with 100% certainty.

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