Crest Adds Faith Module

Crest Adds Faith Module

Today, Crest, the God-sim game in development from Eat Create Sleep. got a rather massive update. Dubbed “The Faith Module”, the update brings with not only new and improved doctrines and influences, but increased system requirements, which can only be an indication of bigger things on the horizon. Now may be a great to nab the game as well, since Crest and its Supporter Edition will be on sale on Steam until July 4th.


The relationship with the player has expanded, what you write will affect how the followers will react to your future commandments. Their faith in you will rise when you’re writing commandments in their comfort zone, but when you deviate they will feel uneasy and lose faith temporarily.

There are five core pillars or goals with the module:
– Closer Relationship Between the Player and the Followers
– Concept of Time
– Civilisation Progression
– Ideologies
– Nuanced Input

Here is the Version .38 Changelog, also available on the Eat Create Sleep website.

Doctrines (formerly known as ideologies).
Decides what each city feels about commandments. A city state receives a doctrine when they fulfill the basic requirements.
Statues for each doctrine
Different districts for each doctrine.

Successful doctrines want to convert other cities to the same doctrine.

Successful cities can influence other cities making it easier to convert them to the same doctrine.

A calendar that keeps track of time and warning about future events.

City Needs expansion
Added 3 new words to the city needs radar chart, abundance, safety and esteem.

Vote list
Cities can vote if they like your commandments or not. Disliked commandments will disappear.

Added production, prosperity and expertise which will help cities grow and specialize in different fields.

Local and Global Faith
There is a local and global faith that let’s you know if the followers believe in you or not.

Commandment alterations
You can use faith to change commandments after they have been written.

Altered commandments can be corrupted depending on what followers think about the altered commandment.

Gem and gem mines
Implemented gems and gem mines.

New followers
Trader with Cow

New animal

New words

New Sounds

New songs
Better transitions

Each city have a storage limit depending on how many followers live in the city.
The associations have been completely reworked to be more comprehensible.

Improved Tutorial
Minimised amount of text
Added new messages for Faith module
Feedback appreciated!

City needs radar chart
Improved to display achieved properly

Resolution is now scrollable

Disposition Triangle
Displays correctly
Doesn’t disappear when zooming out too far

City icons

Tooltips improved.

Commandment tablet have been improved.
Removed duration
Added a tab for global faith
Added vote list
Added commandment alterations

Warriors improved
Warriors pillage

Improved pathfinding for followers and animals.

City leader
Writing association is now done by the city leader.

New button that says quit (a compliment for save and quit).

Added new members to credits.

Speeds have been changed to 2x and 4x the speed.

Bug Fixes
Fixed bug with raized cities being clickable.
Fixed bug with trade routes remaining after other city was raized.

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