Consumer Behavior in Independent Games

Consumer Behavior in Independent Games

We’ll all for helping developers, creating useful data and doing things a bit different on IndieHangover.

Recently, Jóhann Guðjónsson of Lumenox Games (who we interviewed in May of last year) reached out to us with an interesting request.  Currently, he’s doing his Masters in Marketing at the University of Iceland, and is collecting data surrounding consumer behavior in the video game industry, particularly in regards to independent games.

Here’s Johann’s explanation of his project:

I’m working on my Masters thesis in Marketing and it is about the indie game market and how developers can effectively market their games themselves.

Any indie game developer can attest to wondering about marketing and contemplating looking to external help. The fact of the matter is, there is little to almost no real data on the indie game market out there, so most rely on data like the ESA Video Game Market Report.

So right now I’m running a survey that tries to answer most of the questions found in that report, with regards to indie games. At the end of the survey, I will include all the findings in my thesis which will be available to the public, but furthermore I will publish a market report similar to the ESA, to make it more accessible – of course everything will be free of charge.

We’re all too happy to help spread the word and help Johann reach out to our readers who are Indie Developers.

You can find the questionnaire here. Let’s get this dev some data!

We’re eager to hear Johann’s findings,and will be sure to let you know what he learns once his thesis is complete!

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