Circles Soft-Launches Today

Circles Soft-Launches Today

Circles, a game we first saw at  PAX East 2016, is going into it’s soft-lauch today.

Jeroen Wimmers is going to be distributing 200 copies of the minimalist puzzle game through Refinery for €4.99 each.

The intention of this soft-launch is not only to give players a look at the game early, but also to test the game before its full release in early 2017.

You can the game’s page here.



Circles is an experimental, abstract puzzle game all about mouse interaction and discovery. There’s no text, tutorial or anything, you just move your mouse and explore the game as you go. Regardless language, age or gaming experience, anyone can play

We had the chance to interview Jeroen back in August as part of our ongoing IndieDev Interview Series. If you’re looking for some insight into how he went about making the game and some of the challenges he ran into with the game’s minimalism, we encourage you to give it a watch:



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