Children of Morta Reveals Quest Structure

Children of Morta Reveals Quest Structure

Indie games developer Dead Mage gave backers and early adopters insight into how the quest structure will function in Children of Morta, a stunningly done, narrative-based roguelike hack’n slash. The title, slated for release in 2015, continues to awe with every update and has easily become one of our most anticipated titles.

Here’s what they had to say in their most recent Kickstarter update:

In our previous post, we briefly described some changes coming to the narrative in the form of shorter, but more personal quests. We wanted to take this moment to explain how we are setting up our quest structure moving forward in regards to these more personal missions. We currently have three categories in which one of these new missions can fall under – Generic, Special, and Special Character Specific.

Generic: These will be the most familiar quests to any RPG fans out there. They will usually revolve around collecting a set amount of materials to assist in crafting our some other activity. They will usually be given by either Uncle Ben the blacksmith or Grandma Margaret the potion maker.

Special: The Special quests focus on a specific story arc that completes within the short quest-line. These are the meat and potatoes to giving Mount Morta a feeling of life as each traveler and villager must live their daily lives even while under attack by the Corruption. Quests such as these range from escorting travelers, rescuing villagers, catching animals and finding unique items.

Special – Character Specific: These quests can only be performed by a chosen Bergson member and revolve around more personal themes to each character. Here the personal story and background of each character will become apparent as they confront their past and develop the strength to face their future as the guardians of Morta.

By setting up this quest structure, we can easily categorize each mission and see in what areas we may be lacking. With this clear visualization, we can then proceed with improving and adding content where it counts.


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