Catching a Ride in The Stomping Land

Catching a Ride in The Stomping Land

It’s pretty clear I’m a fan of The Stomping Land. The concept alone is enough to get me excited. However, after all this week of updates, Day 5 has me the most excited: It’s about riding dinosaurs. Who doesn’t want to hitch a rid on a triceratops, or stalk prehistoric valleys on the back of Tyrannosaurus Rex? We learned a little bit more today about how you’d go about achieving these dreams, specifically the concept of Expertise:

Hunters alone are incapable of killing large dinosaurs, although, other large dinosaurs are very good at it. By taming a strong enough mount, hunters can now engage in battle against a large dinosaur. You’ll want the strongest mount for the best odds of survival.

The Core component to this taming process is obtaining Expertise, a statistic that slowly increases as you survive longer. Each type of dinosaur has their own Expertise requirement, and with enough of it, hunters have the option to heal a fallen dinosaur instead of salvaging it. Upon healing it, the dinosaur now knows you as its master. Healing requires an herb found only in caves.



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