Boston FIG Fest 2018 Winners

Boston FIG Fest 2018 Winners

The Boston Festival on Indie Games took place this past Saturday, on the 29th of September, at the MIT Johnson Athletic Center in Cambridge, MA.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to be there in person this year, but we were eagerly watching Twitter and awaiting the news of who won this year’s Figgies in both Digital and Tabletop categories. Here are this year’s winners:


BostonFig Digital Showcase

Best in Show
Boyfriend Dungeon by Kitfox Games

Audience Choice
Evergate by Stone Lantern Games

Compelling Game Mechanics
Depths of Sanity by Bomb Shelter Games

Experimental Game Design
Exposure by The Sheep’s Meow

Innovation in Art & Narrative
Boyfriend Dungeon by Kitfox Games

Multiplayer and Connected Game
Save your Nuts by Triple Scale Games

Student Games

BostonFig Tabletop Showcase

Best in Show
Crumbs by Tidbit Games

Audience Choice
Slap Down! by Wild East Game Company

Most Dynamic Game
Schism by Jason Riddell

Most Innovative Game
LukeWarm by Nicholas Hannouche

Best Hobby Game
FAZA by Benjamin Farahmand

Best Family Game
Hibernation by Pied Raven Games

Best Game in Progress
D.N.Abled by Marcus Lehner

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