BFIG Spotlight: Dash by Speedy Chalupa

BFIG Spotlight: Dash by Speedy Chalupa

Dash was a suprise for me at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. In fact, I loved the game so much when I played it that I had to stop playing it. I wouldn’t say I was actually any good at the game: it’s a fast paced precision game that requires a fair bit of timing and fast-thinking. I was terrible at it. However, I was hooked from the time I made my first dash.

In fact, Dash was such an addictingly good game, with such a polished and strong artistic and musical direction that I’d safely say it was my personal Best In Show of the Boston Festival of Indie Games 2014.

Dash is an action game that tells the story of a warrior bird on a journey to restore the name of his fallen master’s school. The player determines the path of the warrior by completing trials set by different deities to gain entrance to their temples and face each of their champion warrior. 

Your task is simple yet challenging: master the art of flight and complete each trial by dashing through your enemies. With enough practice, you will learn to maximize your combo as you explore three beautiful landscapes on your journey to top the leaderboards. Make sure not to fall out of the sky while you’re at it.

Dash’s incredibly straightforward mechanics make it easy to jump in to: You’re a bird, and the only way you can move is by dashing at certain objects. Your dash is not only your only means of movement, but also your attack. Don’t let the other birds attack you, and don’t run in to the rock walls or into the ground. You are given an ability to slow the action down in a sort of bullet-time (birdie-time?) after a couple initial levels, but things ramp up in difficulty quickly (at least I thought so, but then again, I’m not exactly competent at these kind of games). I had to tear myself away because of how much fun I was having and the fact that, had they let me, I would have spent the entire afternoon at that booth.

The team that has created Dash is a group of six students (known as Speedy Chalupa) from the Cornell University Game Design Initiative.

We liked the dashing mechanic from League of Legends, so we wanted to make a skill based game. It’s sort of like Super Meat Boy where the level of difficulty increases pretty dramatically. It’s very difficult, so it is a skill based game.

Speedy Chalupa

Dash won the “Most Polished Game” award at GDIAC 2014 and the Boston Festival of Indie Games was actually their first official public showing. I have no doubt that we will see more great things from Dash and Speedy Chalupa in the future.


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