Beholder 2 Launches Closed Beta Demo

Beholder 2 Launches Closed Beta Demo

Announced on the Steam Community, Warm Lamp Studios have launched an official Closed Beta Demo for Beholder 2 on Steam.

I quite enjoyed Beholder, which was a bit of a surprise find for me. I’m not sure you could call the entire experience “fun”, more anxiety inducing and deeply troubling, but incredibly educational and thought provoking. Basically, the same way the This War of Mine is “fun”. I also really liked some of the artistic choices made in Beholder, and I’m interested to see how they translate into the new 3D style.

If you already own Beholder, congratulations! The Beholder 2 Beta is already in your Steam library. Just install and play!

If you don’t own Beholder, you can head over to the game’s website and subscribe to its newsletter. You should receive an email with further instructions in the near future!


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