Becalm Releases Jan 17

Becalm Releases Jan 17

I’m a massive fan of Colorfiction’s past games, and I’m eagerly awaiting Ode to a Moon, but true to his industrious work ethic, there’s a new title on the horizon.

Becalm will be released on January 17th, and is a calm and reflective piece, in a somewhat different direction:


Bright and dreamy watercolor aesthetics that bring to life multiple biomes.
An awesome synthesizer ensemble cascading through field recorded maritime soundscapes.
Every time you play it’ll randomly select a journey for you.
Just five minutes of your time.

The beta build of Becalm was put on in December to many positive reactions, and it topped’s most popular games for the entire month!

This 1.0 updated version will be releasing on Steam for free as a New Year’s present from Colorfiction.


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