Banner Saga 3 Releases July 24

Banner Saga 3 Releases July 24

We finally have a release date for the final part of The Banner Saga trilogy.

The Banner Saga 3 will be coming to PC and Mac on July 24th, much earlier than expected.

Alongside the announcement, a pre-order pack featuring the Dredge was also announced:


We know many of you were excited that we were able to beat our original estimate of December (that never happens!) and we’re excited to bring you the trilogy’s conclusion this Summer. We’re so grateful for all your support – this has been a six year journey from the seed of an idea, to the conclusion of an epic three-game saga. – Arnie, John and the Stoic Team

Stay tuned for our PAX East impression on The Banner Saga 3 and an upcoming complete play through of The Banner Saga and The Banner Saga 2 ahead of the release of The Banner Saga 3 on our YouTube Channel.

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