Banished Toolkit Now Available

Banished Toolkit Now Available

Today, Shining Rock Studio introduced what can only be called the next evolution of the town building game Banished: Player Made Mods. The Banished Toolkit will allow player to create new buildings, jobs, and crops to grow in their little utopian villages. It’s an exciting addition, and will no doubt spawn some incredibly interesting, and more than likely more than a few confusing or disturbing, assets in the game.

The first beta of the Banished Toolkit is now available!

If you’re playing on Steam, you’ll need to opt into the 1.0.4 Beta – to do this, right click on the game in your game library, select properties, then the BETAs tab, and pick the 1.0.4 Beta. No password is needed.

If you’ve downloaded the game from elsewhere, you’ll need the 1.0.4 Beta Patch. You can download it here: You’ll have to extract it into your game folder, making sure to preserve the directory structure of the archive.

1.0.4 Beta mostly adds functionality for mods. While some potential crash bugs were fixed, there shouldn’t be any game play changes.

For either version, you’ll need to download the mod kit here:

Extract it to a folder where you want to work on Mods, preferably not the same folder as your release version of the game is in. There’s a README.html inside the archive that has some basic instructions on how to use the tool set.

The mod kit has a few examples that show how to add buildings, professions, new crops, animals, and trees, as well as most of the original game configuration data.


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